Top-5 Online Timers

Either you are timing your tea to get ready or need to finish your work within ten minutes, a timer always comes in handy. Timers will help you manage time and your work. You can either use the timer in your phone or there are many online timers available that you can use.

This article mentions the best online timers that can help you complete your tasks in time.

  1. Timer tab

Timer tab

This timer is a multifunctional timer. Along with having a stop watch it allows you to set timers and alarms. It can count up to seconds and is very accurate when it comes to performance. It is a very easy to use timer which only requires a click to work.

This timer can be very useful when you are working on multiple tasks and need to set a time for each task. It will make your time management much easier and you will be better able to complete your tasks in time.

The best thing about this timer is that it allows you to work easily without having to deal with a lot of graphics and a lot of visuals. Just one click will do the task for you, so you will not have to find the timer in between all the other graphics and text on the webpage.

  1. Tomato timer

Tomato timer

Well as creative as its name is, this timer is also very easy to use and has a very simple design. And guess what, it has the options of breaks too. So, if you need a break in between your work and you don’t want a five minutes break to become a half an hour break, you need this timer. You can set the timer even for your breaks for better time management and have a strong grip over all the tasks that you need to perform. It has a simple design with just a start, stop and a reset button to make things easier for the user.

  1. Timerik

It is one of the most efficient and easy to use online clock timers. It has pre logged timed options so in a hurry you can just click the one you want the timer for and be on your way. For example, you can set a 5 minute timer online to find out when eggs are cooked. When you open the website, there is a button for various times under the heading of “set time for”. It is convenient and saves extra time where you don’t need to put in an exact time every time you use it. You can also title your clock timers for your specific task to stay on track. You have the ability to add in a melody in your timer clock. So you know that when the melody is out, so is your time. You can also test the time by the test button for operational purposes.

  1. Toggl’s free full screen timer

Toggl timer

This is a very simple and very well designed online timer. The best thing about this timer is that it covers the whole screen which makes it very easy to use. It is a one click timer which means that it only has two buttons, a start button to start your timer and the reset button to reset the time. No complex buttons and very easy to use.

This type of a timer becomes very useful for the online and freelance workers who need to manage time for every client they are working with. Just keep it open in a tab and easily switch between different tabs and when you have completed the task quickly stop the timer and you will know how much time you have spent working on this task.

  1. Countdown timer

Countdown timer

This timer probably has the most options than any other online timer page. When you go on this website you will see a lot of options beneath the timer that you can choose from. So now if you want to set an alarm, or set timer for your chess game, this timer can do it all for you.

This timer might not be very visually appealing to you but if you just want the functionality of a timer and a bunch of other options this should be your first choice.

It is a great timer if you are multitasking and need some extreme time management. This should be your go to timer when you have deadlines to meet and you just don’t have any minute to waste. It will help you manage your tasks and also enhance your performance because if you are the kind of person who works better under the pressure of a deadline, you need this timer to get things done.

So, choose the one that you like the best and get your work going smoothly. You are sure to find one that works perfectly for you.