Free Archivers for Windows

Sometimes we have to send large files, cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive can not always help when sending gigabyte files. For such cases, there are various programs for compressing files. There are so many programs, to figure out which program the best will help this article.

Of course, if you are willing to pay a small amount, then I can gladly recommend WinRaR or WinZip. These programs certainly will not show overcompression, but they are easy to use and very popular. Programs in the list will be no worse than paid ones, they are open source, which always attracts new developers to create new additions.


7-zip is a very well-known archiver with open source and paid add-ons. A very simple interface, that’s what people like about this program. The archiver can compress into 7-zip format, as it advertises its brand with its extension, but also it can compress files into a popular extension such as zip, test folder it compressed more than 25%, folder with pdf files. To compress the file, you need to select the folder for archiving and right-click, select “Compress”, an archive will appear next to the folder. The only drawback is the time of file compression, I would not say that compression takes a very long time, but there is a delay.


PeaZip – the program can open more than 150 different types of archived files. The program is open source and has a portable (portable) version without installing the program on the computer. One of the best features of PeaZip is the password generator, you can simply specify how many characters you need in the password, after which it will create a password. Additional security features for deleting files permanently, just click “Delete” and the traces of your archive will disappear forever. The compression ratio is the same as for 7-zip, you can split one archive into several parts for easy sending of archives by e-mail.

Hamster free zip archiver

Hamster free zip archiver – has an excellent user interface, beautiful graphics and ease of use. This program can safely give the title of the most beautiful free file compression program. To compress your files, simply drag and drop the files directly into the program, after which the program will calculate the size of the archive and select the extension between ZIP and 7Z. Hamster uses multi-core computing, which gives an increase in the time compression of files. The compression ratio of the program is the same as that of 7-ZIP and PeaZip, it is possible to split the archive into several parts.

Universal Extractor

Universal Extractor is a very useful program for unpacking, one minus that this program can only unpack archives, but it unpacks very well. The program is launched via PCM on any archive, the program interface is very simple. Universal Extractor can unpack formats such as ZIP, RAR, TAR and others. If you need a program that unpacks the archives then this is what you need.


ZipItFree – This archiver can not boast of design, popularity, but what this program differs from others so is the degree of compression, the folder shrank by 40% (before the archivers squeezed only 25%). The compression speed is also good, compresses into various formats. It is possible to split one large archive into several small ones or make a fixed archive size, for example for a CD 700 mb.

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